Sash Window Restoration

Welcome to our Sash Window Restoration website. We have carried out restoration to sash windows for over a decade and are one of the longest standing sash window companies operating today. Sash Window Restoration firmly believe in repair over replacement. We offer our sash window restoration mainly to London and Kent. We strongly believe in maintaining original sash windows where possible and we strive to refurbish as many sash windows that we deal with as possible. We offer a comprehensive service in and around Kent. If your looking for a team in London then I suggest you try Sash Window Repairs London.

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With a combined experience of well over 30 years we have experienced most sash window requirements. We have restored all types of wooden window be it casement or sash and we capable of dealing with one window repairs through to entire mansion block restorations.

While carrying out sash window restoration we will also install a draught proofing system. The way draught proofing works is very simple but it is extremely effective. Your sash windows naturally form gaps over time. Draught proofing fills these gaps with brush pile. This will eliminate rattling, draughts, water ingress and help block sound. While installing our draught proofing system we install a comprehensive weather pile which reduces draughts and stops water ingress. Our weather pile has the ability to completely stop water entering. If your looking for more than just draught proofing we offer a full double glazing sash window solution.

Sash Window Bay Fully Spliced back to good timberSash Window Restoration London








Our team are friendly and honest, we always look to refurbish and repair sash windows over entire replacement. They are extremely careful and diligent when carrying out any type of work. They completely believe in restoring sash windows rather than replacing.

Sash window restoration is an integral part of retaining the period features and true aesthetics of a traditional property. We will always try to salvage your original windows whilst improving them with modern improvements such as draught proofing and double glazing.

We have been carrying out sash window restoration now for so many years almost 50% of the work we do is through recommend and referral . We rely on a large percentage of our work coming from references and word of mouth and believe in quality work over bulk advertisement. Please do get in touch if should you have any further queries regarding sash window restoration or need a freequote that is no oblidation then do not hesitate to call us today!